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Road School

 It's hard to believe our little boys are in THIRD GRADE already! It seems like only yesterday we were praying they would survive the NICU! Now, they are growing by leaps and bounds and getting smarter by the minute. Every day we spend with Dylan and Christian is a gift and we are thrilled to be able to enjoy the education process with them. ROAD SCHOOL is so much fun and gives us so much opportunity for learning together as a family. Whether we are going to a museum, climbing a mountain, hiking through a battlefield or simply playing a game - we are learning together. Join us this year as we share some of the exciting ways we find to educate our kids in our classroom on wheels!

Participating in the Scouting Program while Luke was growing up was always a lot of fun. It was one thing that we thought we were going to miss with the boys by going on the road. Fortunately, we discovered the LONE SCOUT PROGRAM. This is a great program where the kids can participate in Cub Scouts at home without having to join a specific troop. We registered them in Louisiana, through the amazing help of the local scouting office there. The boys are offical Cub Scouts and able to earn badges and advancements just like a regular scout. The only difference is that now when we travel they are able to participate in meetings, special events or camps in any state that they are in. It has worked really well and we have met some great scouts along the way. Lone Scouts is a wonderful program and something we would highly recommend for any family traveling with boys!  (click on the pic to see some of our adventures)

The JUNIOR RANGER PROGRAM is another awesome resource that we have been able to utilize on the road! While visiting National Parks all across the country, the boys are able to earn badges. The park rangers provide them with a booklet of educational material about the park, based on their specific age level. The boys fill out the books while enjoying the park and then turn them in when they are done to receive their badge. The ranger will also swear them in as "official" junior rangers. They hold an official ceremony and the boys get a kick out of wearing the hats. It's been a great way to learn more about the parks and give us something to focus on while we are there. So far, Dylan and Christian have close to 15 badges proudly displayed on their bedroom wall.  (click on the picture for more info!)

MUSEUMS are a great way to learn about science, art and nature. We love checking out the local museums when we pull into a new town. We make sure to sign up for the classes being offered too so the boys can meet new people and learn from their expertise. The volunteers that teach the classes are usually retired professionals who really enjoy working with the kids. Click on the picture to find out more about some of the great museums we have been to already!

COMMUNITY SERVICE is an area that we are constantly trying to improve upon. We see so much need as we travel around this country and feel it is our civic duty to try and help wherever we can. We are trying to instill a sense of compassion and caring in the boys that will last a lifetime.

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