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The LONE SCOUT program is a way for boys aged 7 to 17 to become involved in Scouting if they cannot conveniently join a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop. Although the Lone Scout might miss the opportunity to participate in activities in the pack or troop, there are certain advantages to his experience. For example, his Scouting activities can be done entirely at home. Boys who live in rural areas have the outdoors close at hand where much of Scouting takes place. Each boy can progress at this own pace, building upon is own interests and abilities. Also, he has the personal help of an adult counselor.

We started off our LONE SCOUTING adventure in March of 2008 with the Southeast Louisiana Council. Their Senior District Executive, Juan Prado, really helped us out and got all of the information we needed to get signed up. He walked us through the Scout Shop to make sure we got all of the supplies we needed. He also contacted the district to make sure we were registered properly as Lone Scouts. He provided us with the Lone Scout Plan materials and the
Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook, which is a must for anyone considering the Lone Scouting program. He also gave the boys a special Lone Scouting neckerchief, which we love because it easily identifies that they are a Lone Scout when we attend pack activities. Juan was such a wonderful resource and we really appreciate the help he and his staff offered us.

If you are interested in signing up your son for the Lone Scouting program, contact a local Boy Scout of America office and they will provide you with materials you will need to get started. It is a wonderful program, and something we would highly recommend for any boy traveling on the road!

                          CHRISTIAN                                                                                                                     DYLAN

MARCH, 2009:  We were finished with Tiger Cubs and ready to move on to the world of WOLF SCOUTS. Mom and Dad planned an awesome advancement ceremony. We went with our friends, Kelby and Conner Evans, to Vasquez Rocks in California.

OCTOBER, 2008: We attended the CUB SCOUT STAMPEDE at the Fire Mountain Scout Reservation, which is part of the Mt. Baker District in Washington state. The boys had a wonderful time and we really appreciate the hard work the council put in to this awesome event. The reservation was set in the Cascade mountains of Washington, with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The boys were given a map to follow and told to find the stations that were set up. Dylan and Christian climbed a rock wall, with the help of a Scouting instructor. They then got to shoot archery, with the help of a Navy marksman. Following that, we headed to the BB gun shooting gallery, which was Dylan's favorite. We enjoyed a scavenger hunt along a beautiful trail that encircled the reservations lake and were shown some of the vegetation that is origin to Washington. We even got to see some bat houses on the trees, which we had never seen before. After that we did some fishing in the lake. We didn't have any luck but a couple of the boys were able to catch some fish so it was fun to watch them! We also built cool little treasure boxes in the woodworking station and made potato prints at the arts and crafts table. Our day ended at the game station, where the boys competed in relay races. It was truly a fun-filled day and the boys had a blast! It was great to participate in the activities and meet other Scouts. Dylan and Christian had fun talking to the other Cubs and comparing badges. It was a great day! Thanks Mt. Baker staff!


JUNE 2008: District Executives, Mark Zimmerman and Cory Wrolstad, from the Northern Lights Council in Bismarck, North Dakota, hosted their Summer Camp program with a theme of "Under the Big Top". The three day camp was held both inside and out at the new local church building. With over 60 scouts in attendance, the boys were separated into dens that traveled together to the stations that were set up. This was a great way for the kids to get to know each other. With over a dozen different learning stations, the boys had the chance to try out shooting BB guns, archery, cooking, painting, crafts, games, leather working and even minnow races.  

Dylan and Christian had fun right from the start! Everyone was really friendly and welcomed the boys into their group. We were enjoying the activities when all of a sudden, literally out of nowhere, a HUGE hail storm swept over the area, dropping 2" hail stones. We all ran for cover, putting an end to the outdoor activities for a while. Once the storm passed over, the day turned out to be beautiful, sunny and warm.

The cooking station was one of the favorite stops along the way with make your own snow cones and "Scout Style Burritos". The boys were given a ton of ingredients that included chocolate chips, marshmallow, peanut butter, apples, cheese, and bananas. They wrapped their choice of goodies into a tortilla and then the older Boy Scouts that were helping out with the camp, cooked up the tortillas on a camp stove and served the Cubs. It was the yummiest station by far!

The best event was the Egg drop at the end of the program. The cubs had to design a package that could hold the egg inside free floating and be able to withstand a drop of 40 feet. In comes the cherry picker truck, up goes the bucket and down come the egg packages. Mostly all of the eggs splattered in some way or form, but the creativity of the packages was amazing - shrinkwrapping, rubberbands, egg cartons, pillows, feathers, and anything you could think of to help protect the egg. It was a great way to end the camp!  If you are ever in Bismarck make sure you check out the Northern Lights local web site to see what other fun activities the council is offering during your stay. We can't thank Mark Zimmerman and his staff enough. They really embraced Dylan and Christian as Lone Scouts and welcomed them into their troop. Everyone was so kind and made our visit to North Dakota a memorable one!




APRIL, 2008:  The Boy Scouts of Daniel Boone Council in Asheville, North Carolina, hosted the Spring Cub Scout Show. The Scouts ran the events and enjoyed helping the younger Cubs with the activities. Dylan and Christian were able to rock climb, practice kayaking, and participate in their favorite activity - THE ZIP LINE! This was by far the most popular station. The boys had to climb a tower that was built by the Boy Scouts. Before climbing, they were able to view the Scout methods of lashings and knot tying, which was pretty cool. At the top of the tower, a Boy Scout helped them up and hooked them onto the safety line. He then let go and sent them soaring down the zip line to the other end. It was so much fun that Dylan and Christian spent most of the Scout Show "zipping". It really was alot of fun!

                            OUR FIRST CUB SCOUT CEREMONY

We made a big deal out of our first Scouting Ceremony.  The boys had worked on their requirements for the Bobcat rank and were ready to earn their badge. So, Dad dusted off the old Troop 111 shirt and became Scoutmaster for the night. We were at the beach in Pensacola, so we found a cool gazebo that had a long boardwalk leading up to it. We lined the walkway with candles and then lit a campfire at the other end. We waited until it was really dark and then brought the boys outside. We told them that to become Scouts, they needed to follow the lights to the campfire. They were REALLY excited and took the whole ceremony very serious. At the campfire, they recited their Scout Oath and Pledge and then Daddy awarded them their badges. It was a great night that all of us will remember for a long time!








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