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Friends Along the Way

THE BEST PART OF TRAVELING IS MEETING ALL KINDS OF FUN AND UNIQUE PEOPLE! As we travel across America, we are astounded at all the wonderful people we have encountered! There are so many kind and generous people in this great nation of ours. We have experienced Southern hospitality at its finest and have been taught the local customs by some of the best. We have enjoyed being shown around new areas and have loved seeing how people live throughout the country.This page is a tribute to those people - the many that have welcomed us into their families and homes - the people that we now call FRIENDS! Whether we have spent only a few hours with you or have been lucky enough to develop a relationship, we value your friendship and appreciate you taking the time to make our travels so rewarding! We love each and every one of you and feel blessed to have made your acquaintance!

    JOHN & JUDI - Hagerstown, KOA Owners             JEANNE -  KOA Workamper                        Panda, KOA Work Dog
     We sold the house and pulled into the KOA   Jeanne was our first on the road neighbor     Dylan's Buddy didn't do much work but  
       to meet two of the nicest people around!          and so much fun to workamp with!            loved riding on the Gator with Jeanne!
                  www.hagerstownkoa.com                   www.rvingdaydreamer.blogspot.com

                       JC & AMANDA                                                   CODY                                                    CRYSTAL
        Hanging out at the Haunted House and   The boys loved playing with their little buddy!               Pirate Pete and "Mabel"
     partying in our off time was always a blast!                                                                           made life at the KOA a ton of fun!

                      BEN & AUDREY                                                ZAYANA                           DINNER WITH FRIENDS AT THE KOA
       These were the first fellow FOTR friends     Zayana's mom worked at the KOA camp          Good times with Pat, Gayle, John,  
       that Dylan and Christian met at the KOA     store so she was always around to play!         Dave, Jeanne, Judi, Peter and Eddie

            RANDY, BRIANNA and LYN                           JULIE, and ZYANA, ALLY                                "LITTLE" AMANDA
     We had a great time with these guys at the     Dylan & Christian loved having the girls           Amanda loved helping with Crafts, 
     Haunted House - You guys are the best!               around to play with at the K              Ceramics, Painting, Tye-Dye and Breakfast

          CONNIE & NICK - KOA Worker            GAYLE, EDDIE & ABIGAYLE BENNETT                  THE GAUNTLETT FAMILY
    Judging decorated sites and riding around     Fellow FOTR Friends are a blast to hang     Our good friends from home don't let the
  on the Gator was always a hoot with Connie!  out with - for only a week or two of course!   road keep us apart - we love when they visit!

   ZEPHYR - a/k/a CPTN. JACK SPARROW              FOTR RALLY 2008                       NASA ASTRONAUT ROGER CROUCH
   Living most of his life on the road, it seems       We had a great time attending our first FOTR        It took Roger 58 years to become an
   Zephyr has now dedicated his life to piracy!       rally at Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral, Florida              astronaut - quite an inspiration!

          KATI AND VERNON "LOUD"                           THE LOUD FAMILY KIDS                                 LEE GIFFORD
   Whether we are helping tornado victims or         Our favorite FOTR family is by far the Loud       Still living up to his "best man" status, we
   winning on the Price is Right - hanging with        kids! Dylan and Christian love it when we           love it when Lee comes to visit us on the
   the "Louds" is always FUN - you guys ROCK!     hook up with Auvi, Zoe, Kelby and Connor!       road!
www.ourloudfamily.com                                  www.ourloudfamily.com

                    KEITH WILLIAMS                                 JIMMY & DEBBIE TUCK                                    FRED TUCK
    We loved working with our clean-up buddy      These guys lost everything in a tornado but            The coolest guy living in the hollows of
      from Tennesee who has such a big heart!       still found time to welcome us into their lives        Tennesee - with the smallest screwdriver!

THE SHRUM FAMILY                                  THE "OTHER" RITA                   BETTY - Owner of the Country Junction
        Melissa & Jamie showed us what true           One of the kindest woman you'll ever meet           While in TN - Betty fed us, spoiled the kids,
             southern hospitality is all about.                  and she sure can make a mean chess pie!              let us dance in her hall to a rockin' band
                        We love you guys!!                                                                                                                         and even shared her yummy pie recipe!

                 Abita Springs Hosts                                   Abita Springs Girls                               Joey and Christina
       These two went above and beyond to      The boys had a blast spending Easter          Enjoyed many a campfire down in the
      make sure we found our way around LA               with these awesome girls!                 bayou with these two awesome people

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