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YO, what's going on? My name is DYLAN.

I like playing basketball, hockey and football. I really want to learn how to play an electric guitar. Right now I can only play Guitar Hero, but I'm pretty good! I am homeschooled and I like traveling around the world and seeing different places and meeting new people. I have a twin brother named Christian and I am a Cub Scout. I'm a Bear but I'm really close to becoming a weblow scout. I like wrestling and skateboarding at really cool skate parks. My favorite skate park is Vans in Orlando, Florida. My favorite skater is Tony Hawk.

I like to climb and I always find harder ways than my brother. My brother always takes the easy ways. He always gets up before me but I am pretty good. One time I went into snow on a glacier hike with my Dad and it was really cool because it was in snow and I wasn't in snow for a long time and it was funny seeing Christian and Mommy looking like ants.

I like going to playgrounds and swinging. My favorite television channels are Disney, Nick and Qubo. My favorite tv show is the Simpsons - I really like Bart. On the Simpsons movie Bart dared his Dad to carry like 100 bricks on his back on a little tray and Bart shot a bebee gun at the bricks and then it was Homer's turn to dare Bart and Homer dared him to skateboard around town naked. It was really funny!

So far, my favorite movie is Camp Rock. I also like all of the High School Musical movies. My favorite online game is Toontown (check it out at Disney online - toontown.com). I like playing Webkinz online and I have 8 animals. They are named Googles, Baby Googles, Po, Wally, Ellie, Pigster, Brownie and Bongo. My favorite animal is not a Webkinz but he is my bestest friend - his name is PIGGY. He likes pancakes and his birthday is December 1st. He likes parties because he gets pancakes, pizza, cornbread and cake. He also gets a ride from me where he gets tossed up in the air and gets flipped. The whole family makes presents for Piggy. He likes to go to his make believe game on his cell phone with his friends, Fred and Bam, and they can go and battle the bad guys. My Webkinz name is SpikeDeMike so if you have Webkinz, make sure to add me to your friends list. PEACE OUT!

We went to the Science Center in Vancouver and I put my picture into an age progression machine. Here is what I will look like when I'm 19! (Mommy says I look like Luke) Pretty cool huh!!

                     Dylan and his best friend Piggy

     Here is PIggy having a great time at a glacier in Alaska!



  Mom and Katie take a picture of me, Christian and Conner 

                                 BOYS GONE WILD!! 

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