living, loving, and laughing
our way around the world


HI, my name is Christian. I am ten years old and have two brothers - my twin, Dylan, and my older brother, Luke. I love bunnies. One time, I got to hold a bunny that I caught in Seward, Alaska. He was a black bunny and had fluffy ears. My favorite color is blue. I like to run and I am very flexible.

It has been a fun experience for me to be traveling so long on the road. It is fun visiting so many states. My favorite states are ALL OF THEM!! I like traveling in an rv because it is really fun to visit lots of new places that I have never been to before. I meet new friends and new people and it is usually exciting! I miss some of my friends in Pennsylvania but I have made new friends along the way. I also miss the tv we had because we got Nick and Disney and lots of other channels.

My favorite place has been the Alaska State Fair. I got to go on a ride called Apollo that went upside down. It was fun watching the races and hearing people scream on the Slingshot and The Dungeon of Doom. I won first place in the Speedstacking Competition for my age group. It is now my favorite sport. You should try it too! The food at the fair was awesome and I tried to have a corndog every night! YUM!  The best food I have eaten on the road has been the white pizza that my Mom made at the Maryland KOA. The one thing that I want to really see on our road trip is HAWAII!! Hula hula

I like home schooling because we don‘t have to sit in a classroom for hours. Sometimes I don't even want to do school but it is usually fun because our mom is the teacher. I miss going to a real school though because they had a playground. What I don’t miss about school is that we had to stay there for so long and I missed my Mom. When I grow up I want to be a roller coaster designer and an artist. I also want to own my own restaurant. I LOVE roller coasters!!! I met an Imagineer at Disney and he gave a speech about what his experience was as a coaster builder. It sounded really cool so that's what I want to do.  You can check out my blog at http://www.thecoasterkid@blogspot.com

The coolest person that we have visited on our trip is Luke and Katie in Tampa, Florida, because we got to stay with them and we got to have a cookout. The best advice I would give a kid that is going to travel the US in an rv is that it is very fun because you can experience new places and see new things. He should probably visit Alaska!


             The more slime the better at The Nick Hotel!!

               If you look closely over my left shoulder
               you can see an actual volcano ERUPTING!
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