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11/11:  Palm Springs, California - enjoying our day poolside in the beautiful 85 degree sunshine. Surrounded by palm trees and blue skies - LIFE IS GOOD!

11/09:  Tombstone, Arizona - spent the day visiting the OK Corrall, home of the legendary cowboys Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Learned alot about the history of the town and watched a reenactment of the infamous shootout. Loads of FUN!

11/08:  Rock Hound State Park - went digging for gems, thunder eggs and geodes. Found a lot of dirt and got pricked by a bunch of cactus needles in the desert heat. Yikes!

11/07:  White Sands National Monument - went sledding on the white gypsum sand fields of New Mexico.So much fun - what an incredible experience!!

11/06:  Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico - Explored 750 feet below the earth's surface in the amazing caves of Carlsbad. Saw incredible sites, entered through the treacherous natural entrance and learned alot about geology!

11/05:  Lubbock, Texas - sadly said goodbye to our friends, the Loud Family. The boys are already planning their next visit to meet up again!

11/04:  Lubbock, Texas - hit the old time drive-in movie theater to catch the showing of "Where the Wild Things Are" and the new Michael Jackson movie. Had a blast doing the "Thriller" dance throughout the parking lot!

11/03:  Lubbock, Texas - held a Lone Scout Meeting and the boys (and Zoe) called local pizza places to get donations. With ten pizzas collected, they hit the streets and served pizza to the homeless of Lubbock. It was a great learning experience and reminded us all of how fortunate we really are!

10/31:  Lubbock, Texas - nothing better than trick or treating with good friends! The boys had a great Halloween and scored big time with all the yummie candy! Once the kids were in bed, Zoe babysat while we went to the midnite showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Vern and Katie did a mean "virgin dance". What a crazy night!

10/30:  Lubbock, Texas - enjoyed a Halloween Party at the local science center, followed by mischief making at the rv park (let's just say toilet paper was definitely involved)! Topped off the night with a Horror Fest of scary movies and everyone was definitely in the Halloween spirit!

10/29:  Lubbock, Texas - had an amazing Halloween / Sweet 16 Birthday Party for Auvi! Everyone had a great time with tons of fun games and, of course, a whip cream pie fight! The party rocked!!

10/28:  Lubbock, Texas - arrived in Texas to visit with our friends, the Loud Family. The boys are stoked to see everybody again!

10/27:  Roswell, New Mexico - spent a crazy day among the aliens in the town that holds the claim to fame for having proof of an actual spaceship that landed in one of their fields. It was so much fun hanging out in Area 51!


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